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September, 2013

  1. Brussels Vintage Market

    September 11, 2013 by Lally

    On Sunday 1st September, I participated in my first vintage market as a trader.

    As a collector of vintage wares, over the last years I have accumulated many, many dresses and objects which I either never wore, never fit or I actually just purchased to sell on eventually. So putting together a nice collection of items to sell was easy. I was also very brave and did a personal wardrobe clear out: 15 hardly worn dresses sacrificed to give much needed space in my closet.

    It was a long day. Set-up at 10, market open at 12 and pack up at 7pm. Luckily, the whole day was spent with my friend Leila, who is also a vintage junkie. Between us, with our own once owned items, we managed to fill an 8 square meter space.


    Overall it was a good day. I got to practice my French a little bit and it was fun to have some banter and be on the other side of the bartering for a change. I didn’t sell a lot (I still had to drag 4 heavy, huge bags back up the stairs to my apartment), but I did sell some of my more expensive items which was nice.

    The day was somewhat hampered by the discovery of 4 empty hangers (utter disbelief that people would steal from independents selling at a vintage market!) as well as learning that at some point, a party of moths had partaken in an eat-all-you-want buffet on my silk Marc by Marc Jacobs dress that I was hoping to get 60 Euros for.  Pesky moths!!! The first thing I did when I got home was check my other silk items, but luckily they were all still intact.

    To balance out these bad feelings, Leila had an amazing idea to go together through our rails and take out items to donate to charity. This was a great exercise. 2 big bags each to Les Petits Riens.

    We will be joining the market again in December, hopefully making the most of the Festive spenders and keeping a watchful eye on sticky fingers.


  2. My First Professional Baking Project

    September 11, 2013 by Lally

    Last week I made 60(!) cupcakes for a friend’s birthday party: 12 almond & orange, 12 vanilla and 36 feta & courgette. By the end of the evening/early morning, they were all devoured by the partygoers – the savoury ones went down rather well after a few glasses of Cava.

    Coincidentally the birthday boy  Tim owns and runs the best coffee shops in Brussels – Moka Classic Espresso Bar and he immediately asked me to make some for his customers to enjoy. 

    And so began my first professional baking job although for me, it really is still just a bit of a hobby.

    This morning I baked 12 almond & orange and 12 chocolate cupcakes.

    For some reason I made more of a mess than usual in my kitchen. Maybe the pressure of knowing that people will be paying to enjoy my work.

    In the past I have been a bit of a purist when it came to baking and only mixed by hand with a good old trusty wooden spoon (well, I had no choice as I didn’t own any electrical help). But after a blister inducing incident trying to make orange icing for Halloween (I’ll post about that at some point I am sure), I treated myself to a small electric handheld whisk. But it turns out that I am still getting the hang of the buttons; will I ever learn that the ‘eject’ button for the whisk parts is NOT the ‘on’ button? Hence the cake batter being sprayed around my kitchen wall, floor, down my leg..


    And to top off the kitchen mayhem, today was the day that my dishwasher decided to brake down… but that’s another story!

    Anyhow, the cupcakes were baked, decorated in my usual style and delivered safe and sound to Moka, where they were set up in their new home. Within 10 minutes one was bought. It was great to quietly see my first paying customer enjoy my baking!



    As I sat enjoying a great Italian coffee, I saw another 3 cupcakes eaten and give joy. A good first day of professional baking, well apart from the dishwasher let down.

    Oh and I forgot to say, whilst in the midst of baking this morning I literally received another order for 12 cupcakes by my good friend Laetitia at Les Parents Terrible. I think I will be a busy Lally of Leisure this week.

  3. Welcome to Lally of Leisure!

    September 10, 2013 by Lally




    This is me baking in my kitchen (needless-to-say, not always with rollers in my hair). This photo was taken as I prepared cupcakes for a friend’s pre-wedding get together. I finished the decoration whilst my hair was setting. The end result was a beautiful beehive created by my talented friend Leila.

    But there is more to me than just baking, you know…