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June 4, 2015 by Lally

It’s been over a year since I posted about my cupcakes, so I am welcoming them back to my blog with a real goodie: my Psychedelicupakes! Being a psychedelic gal myself, I adore these cupcakes. It took some patience and practice to master the icing, but the result and cursing coming from the kitchen were worth it!


Note to reader: Since making these cupcakes I have discovered duo piping bags from Lakeland which produce two coloured icing, but I think it’s worth the extra effort to get the triple effect.

I first made these for an equally psychedelic  friend’s wedding and they were a complete hit! The cupcake base used for these were my Guinness & Whiskey recipe (a particular favourite of the bride), but you can you use any favourite cupcake and (non-coloured) icing recipe for these as it’s all about the colour you add in.

You will need:

A batch of your favourite (non-coloured icing)

Desired food colouring (gels recommended)

Lots of little bowls

3 small icing bags

1 large icing bag with desired nozzle

Wire food bag ties

Please note: When I took these photos, I was making a double batch which is why you see 6 colours used.


How to:

Make up the icing batch as normal and split the mixture equally into smaller bowls. As I’m somewhat of a control freak, I weighed out the mixture to ensure I had exact equal amounts of each colour).

Icing split equally and ready for a splash of colour

Add your colour as required. I find that gel colours are best for achieving a bold colour, especially for orange. (I once gave myself a blister from tying to make orange by hand using red and yellow liquid colours, adding a little bit more red, then a little bit more yellow over and over again and only ever achieving pink or coral).

Oooooh – pretty!

Once your colours are all mixed and looking pretty, transfer into separate small piping bags. It takes some practice to do this in a smooth and need process (I am now a pro).

TOP TIP: If you have difficulty and tend to make a messy when filling an icing bag, I find it helps using a tall glass. Put the empty bag into the glass and wrap the bag over the top of the glass. This holds the bag in place for filling and prevents spillage from the top. Once filled (3/4 full maximum) lift out the bag and gently shake the bag to ensure the icing moves to the bottom and removes any air gaps.

I recently saw this which is frankly, in my opinion, a complete waste of £9.99 when a glass does practically the same thing! But if you have lots of kitchen storage space and a big baking budget, then why not?!

My icing rainbow

It’s important that you seal the filled bags using the ties – twist first then use the ties. This will ensure clean, stress free piping.

Prepare the large piping bag with you desired nozzle. Then cut the ends off the smaller filled bags (give them another little gentle shake to release any more trapped air) and carefully place them inside the big bag. Please be patient and slow, they will all fit.

Then pipe away! I found that each cupcake looked different due the way the bag was squeezed, some only having two colours, but this is absolutely fine.


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