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A Bit About Lally

I am an English girl now living in London, but when I started this blog I was living in Brussels, Belgium, where I lived for 9 years. This is why you will see some content about my life in that vibrant city. People have a love/hate relationship with the Brussels, but I enjoyed the diverse and unique vibe. Sure, it had it’s “Brussels Moments” when you want to yell and wave your hands in the air and say “this can ONLY happen in Brussels” but generally I tried to embrace those unparalleled moments.

Cupcake baking is something I fell into by chance and it turns out that I am pretty good at it with orders coming in thick and fast for friend’s dinners, birthdays and just for general scoffing. I will be writing about my life as a baker too and exciting you with photos of my creations.

A big part of my world is vintage. I’ll be just as general as that. I collect all manner of vintage items, mainly from the 1960s. ‘Collect’ is a word I like to use to justify the vast amount of 1960s dresses which I cannot stop buying. I blame the plentiful and interesting flea markets and second hand shops that Brussels has to offer, not my shopaholic tendencies.

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