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  1. Becoming A Bunny Girl

    October 18, 2013 by Lally

    I will be going to NYC for the 11th (!) time next week. I have been in the fabulous city for Thanksgiving, 4th July & New years eve, but this will be my first Halloween stateside. I am very excited! Halloween is a big deal over there with people going all out with their costumes and spending hours hand making and perfecting amazing disguises.

    I have always envied my NYC friend’s costumes seen on Facebook albums with perfect snakes, cave women, fallen angels etc all hand made to perfection with make up to match. And now I get the chance to show off my creativity too. With a plethora of parties on my event list, I decided on 2 costumes.

    1. 1960’s playboy bunny (i.e the brave costume)

    2. 1970’s flight attendant (i.e the easy costume)

    Let’s start with the 1970’s flight attendant.

    How gorgeous are these images? What is there not to like? Beautiful clothes, the glamour of travel, the cute hats!

    60s Air Hostesses 60s Air Hostesses 60s Air Hostesses

    My favourite vintage flight attendant is Zooey Deschanel in Almost Famous. How much cuter can you get?

    Zooey Deschanel

    Zooey Deschanel

    My outfit started with my vintage British Airways flight bag, funnily enough purchased in Las Vegas (I am jet set like a real flight attendant). And then for the dress. This was pretty easy to find. With a wardrobe of its own just to house my vintage dresses I just had to look for one most suitable. And jackpot! A white shift dress with blue and turquoise stripes. I already own a white pair of go-go boots and a turquoise pair or tights. The peaked turquoise hat was a complete and utterly lucky coincidence. I found it randomly in H&M in the sale for 7€. Super happy about that! To complete the accessories are a scarf from my vast collection and a pair of white gloves bought in a vintage store. The final details will be the still to be sourced airplane themed pin for the hat and a plastic tray for drinks (cups to be super glued on).

    british airways flight bagstewardess costume

    I am also thinking about adding some blood/gore for a more Halloween feel – flight attendant survived crash perhaps?


    And now for the pièce de résistance.

    There is something so gorgeous, so sexy and so glamorous about a 1960’s Playboy Bunny.

    547709_10151481140265385_821885384_23503392_838373174_nphoto-1 Bunny1960s-playboy-club-272x300pU1p3ehaPcv1vawdHA34HnZE_500

    The more modern re-invention is just a bit tacky and slutty, but back in the day, they were the height of glamour. Many famous people worked as Playboy Bunnies early in their careers including Debbie Harry & Patricia Quinn, Magenta in The Rocky Horror Show.

    It all started with a brilliantly doctored image by a friend of mine and posted on my Facebook wall for my birthday.

    fox bunny

    It just so happens that the girl with the added on fox tail is wearing a suit very similar to one I own. My paisley, boned vintage swimsuit is arguably one of my best finds. Not only for its beauty but also for the fact that it fits me perfectly! So I had the basis for my costume and the rest let me release some creative juices.

    First the tail. I had found some ideas for a homemade tail made like a pompom. Easy, yes but it did not have the look I required. I wanted a furry tail. I had the idea to find a 2nd hand baby’s furry coat to cut up and recycle but the trip to my local kiddy charity shop did not end up as expected. After finding nothing suitable on the rails, my eyes glanced over to the soft toys and to a particularly perfect polar bear – very cute, but it needed to be sacrificed to make the perfect tail. A bit of cutting, resewing and stuffing and the bear is transformed into my wiggle perfect tail.

    bearbear tail

    Next the ears.  I bought some blue satin and a matching head band and with a little bit of google inspiration, wire, left over polar bear stuffing and mostly ‘making it us as I go along, I managed to create some lovely ears.

    ears in the makingears in the making finished ears

    The last touches are cuffs and collar (made simply from a second hand white shirt and changing the buttons), second hand bow tie, blue heels and a hand made name rosette.

    collar and cuffsshoerosette

    Final outfits will be revealed on Halloween and all I need to do now is practice my bunny dip.