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Who is Lally?

Hi, I’m Lynsey but for the purpose of my blog I am Lally.

But why Lally? Lally is my family nickname, which was usually only reserved for them to call me. The origins of Lally goes something like this (as told by my mother to me some years ago): When I was born, my then 2 year old brother could not pronounce my name properly and could only manage a ‘Lally’. Upon hearing this story and loving the name, it kind of just stuck. The name became more important recently when I became an auntie and now my gorgeous 2.5 year old nephew calls me Lally and it melts my hear every time he says it!

And now for the leisure part…

In August 2013, I found myself, for the first time in my life, with some precious free time so this blog came about as a creative output and to keep my mind supple. I hope to entertain you with all the fun and interesting things that I do, see, hear, bake, make and like.



  1. Simon says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been mentioned before in a blog :-)

  2. Meera Ghani says:

    Looking forward to your musings :) Thank you for sharing your world with us and letting us in xxx

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